And this is one of the greatest chances for people who miss all the opportunities left behind.

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Missed $FlokiCEO? Here is your second chance FlokiCEO 2.0
Two big projects achieved great success in 2023.
$FlokiCEO and $PEPE
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500 X
2.0 Popularity started with PEPE
And now everyone is looking for a new chance. This is your chance FlokiCEO 2.0
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About FlokiCEO 2.0 Project&Fairlaunch

Introducing FlokiCEO 2.0

The successes of FlokiCEO and PEPE in 2023 were excellent and only these two coins were the biggest.
$FlokiCEO has done great things in the past and started a new trend. Afterwards, many projects started to produce $CEO projects, but none of them ever reached the level of $FlokiCEO. And a lot of people were upset that they couldn’t attend and missed it. Then $PEPE came out and some people made millions while others missed the opportunity and $PEPE 2.0 was launched, which started the 2.0 trend after $PEPE. And we are here to provide a great opportunity for people who miss these opportunities. $FlokiCEO 2.0 will continue the new trend and is a candidate to be the biggest.

What Are The FlokiCEO 2.0 Fairlaunch Opportunities?
  • Fairlaunch participants are tax-exempt. (0% Buy&Sell)
  • Total Supply 420,690,000,000,000
  • Tax will be 7%.(Buy&Sell) 3% Litecoin Reward 1% Auto Liquidity 3% Marketing&Development&CEX Listings (Wallets purchased from Fairlaunch will not pay tax.)
  • A wallet can contribute a maximum of 2 BNB.
  • Audit is complete and the contract is completely secure. 
  • Ownership will be waived at launch.
  • Launch will take place 30 minutes after the Fairlaunch ends.
  • Half of the entire supply has been burned and a burning plan will be implemented in the project. (Deflationist system)
  • There are no unlock or team tokens. Technically, we care about 100% security.
FlokiCEO 2.0 FlokiCEO 2.0 Roadmap and Tokenomics

FlokiCEO 2.0 is your biggest chance after what you left behind.

  • Identifying and Investigating the Idea
  • Creation of Website and Social Links
  • Establishment of Fairlaunch Pool and Start of Fairlaunch Marketing
  • Fasttrack Coinmarketcap and Coingecko Applications
  • Pancakeswap Launch
  • 3-Day Dextools Trend (TOP1)
  • 3-Day Ave Trend (TOP1)
  • Implementation and Sharing of the Burn Plan
  • Bitget Bybit and Lbank Listing
  • Meme Content and New Meme Partnerships
  • 50% of the Total Supply was Burned.
  • 50% Allocated to Fairlaunch and Liquidity.
  • Fairlaunch Participants Will be Tax Exempt.(0% Buy&Sell)
  • Taxes are set at 7%. (3%Litecoin Reward 1%Auto Liquidity 3% Marketing,Development and CEX Listings.
  • Fairlaunch will be held on the Pinksale.
  • Launch will take place 30 minutes after Fairlaunch is complete.
  • There are no Team or Unlock Token
  • Ownership will be completely given up after launch.
Launchpad Partnership
Join the FlokiCEO 2.0 revolution and meme your way to the future of finance!